Jonathan McNeice

For Ward 1 Town Councillor

Experienced. Engaged. Passionate.


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A Vision For The Future

Jonathan is an Urban Planner with 15 years experience in planning, social & economic development. With municipal government experience as staff & consultant, and two Masters Degrees in Urban Planning & Community Design, Jonathan is the right choice to get results for Bronte!

Passionate About Our Ward

Jonathan was born & raised in Bronte, and has lived in the Ward for over 30 years. Since 1845, 8 generations of Jonathan’s family have called this community home, including his grandfather Bill Hill (of the Lakeside Marketeria and Bill Hill Promenade!)

Jonathan lives in the heart of Bronte Village with his wife Heather and one-year-old son Austin.

Committed to Community

 Jonathan has been involved in a dozen community organizations in Ward 1 since 2005, and has delegated to Council on several occasions regarding community planning & safety issues. 

I Have a Plan for a Better Bronte, Palermo & Oakville


  • A renewed vision for Bronte & Palermo

  • Stronger tools to implement the vision

  • An Advisory Committee to proactively and collaboratively address issues

  • Solve the parking crisis for good
  • Better services for Bronte & Palermo while maintaining financial stewardship
Renewed Vision for Bronte Village

Jonathan will work collaboratively with residents, stakeholders, local businesses, and municipal staff to update Bronte’s out-of-date growth plan to reflect today’s concerns

Stronger planning tools to ensure reasonable growth in the right places

Jonathan will work with other Ward’s and residents associations to bring forward the Province’s Community Planning Permit System for areas needing revitalization in Bronte Village, Palermo, and across Oakville

Alleviate Congestion, Create Safer streets & Communities

Jonathan will make Ward 1’s streets and communities safer, while alleviating congestion

Activate our waterfront - heritage waterfront park, inner harbour, bronte beach and bluffs, through community conversations

Jonathan will activate our ‘jewel’ of a waterfront by expanding waterfront activities, fully utilizing our existing infrastructure and buildings, returning our lighthouse, and seek opportunities to better connect both sides

Support Vibrant Retail and Economic Development

Jonathan will support existing retail and seek to incubate new vibrant retail opportunities in Bronte and Palermo, and work collaboratively on an innovation district in Oakville to attract the next generation of Oakville’s employers

Strong Accountability & Financial Stewardship

Jonathan will strive to make town hall more ‘approachable’ by advocating for strong accountability, transparency, financial stewardship, and easier access to data and information

Solve the parking crisis in Bronte Village for good!

Jonathan will form a taskforce, on day-one, to solve Bronte’s parking crisis for good, including immediate measures to get adequate town-controlled parking in the right places

Promote collaboration proactively

Jonathan will bring back the Bronte Advisory Committee for Ward 1 to provide more community input, involvement, and be available to address your concerns in a timely fashion

Climate Action & Food Security for everyone in Oakville

Jonathan will ensure that we have a healthy environment and healthy people in Oakville for generations to come

Check out our official campaign launch video:

News & Updates

Planning the Future of Ward 1

Planning the Future of Ward 1

As a trained & experienced urban planner with two masters' degrees, I know the ins and outs of growth & development. If elected, I plan to use the Community Planning Permits system to put the community in the drivers' seat when it comes to designing the future...

Jonathan in Palermo Village

Jonathan in Palermo Village

We've spent the last several weeks canvassing in Palermo Village and we hear your concerns! Residents don't feel represented, and they haven't received the amenities, retail, and community spaces they were promised. With major development coming to the North, it's...

Election Day is October 24th

Elect Jonathan McNeice for Oakville Ward 1 Town Council!








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